Computational Humanities

Upcoming courses in summer term 2024!


New courses (incl. lecture on Music Information Retrieval) offered this summer term!

For the summer term 2024, our group will offer several courses:

  • Lecture and Exercise Music information retrieval, for MSc Computer Science, eXtended AI, and MA Digital Humanities (Christof Weiß, Lele Liu) - WueCampus course room
  • Seminar Analyse von Lyrik und Lyrikvertonungen, for MA Digital Humanities (Fotis Jannidis, Christof Weiß)
  • Praktikum Music and audio processing, for MSc Computer Science and eXtended AI (Lele Liu)

Our central course is the lecture on music information retrieval (MIR) for master students of computer science, eXtended AI, and Digital Humanities. The course introduces the research field and covers music representations, audio signal processing, selected machine learning techniques, and MIR tasks and applications.

The lecture will take on Wednesdays 14-16h, the exercise from 16-18h in seminar room 00.001, ZPD building (No. 23, Hubland Nord).

More details coming soon!