Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

AI Talks @JMU Summer 2024

In the 6th series of AI talks, selected guests and new CAIDAS members present their research with exciting talks on current activities and projects. The talks will take place on tuesdays at 16:15. The talks will be 45 minutes, followed by a 15-minute discussion. The language of presentation is English.

Afterwards there will be the opportunity for a casual get together. At the first and the last talk of the series there will also be some drinks and snacks.

If no other information is given, the talks will take place in Z6 building in room 0.002.

See below for details.

upcoming talks:

past talks:

past series:

upcoming talks

30 April - 16:15

with drinks and snacks!

Dr. Muni Sreenivas Pydi

Universite PSL, Paris

topic: Differentially Private Gradient Flow for Generative Modeling

11 June

Prof. Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki

TU Darmstadt

topic: Reinforcement Learning and Robotics

2 July

Prof. Dr. Han van der Aa

Universität Wien

topic: ML and NLP in Process Mining

16 July

Prof. Dr. Agnes Koschmider

Uni Bayreuth

topic: Process Analytics

past talks

16 April

Prof. Dr. Zhi Jin

Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Topic: High efficient networks for Image Quality Enhancement