Reinforcement Learning and Computational Decision-Making

Sebastian Griesbach

M.Sc. Sebastian Griesbach

Ph.D. student
Reinforcement Learning and Computational Decision-Making
John-Skilton-Straße 8a
97074 Würzburg
Gebäude: JS8
Raum: 04.015

About me

Previously to joining the LiteRL Group at the JMU Würzburg in march of 2023, I graduated from the University of Tübingen in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning. I wrote my Masters Thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in the Autonomous Learning Group supervised by Georg Martius. In my thesis “Improving Policy conditioned Value functions”. I explored reinforcement learning algorithms which evaluate a policy as a whole through a representation instead of specific state action pairs. After finishing my studies I worked for 6 Months as a Data Scientist at CID GmbH. Wanting to earn less and work more (and follow my passion) I jumped on the opportunity to join Prof. Dr. Carlo D’Eramo's Group as a Ph.D. Student.

My current research explores ways to replace sub-optimal heuristics with learning components in the reinforcement learning pipeline.

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